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About school

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     There are 23 teachers and 169 students. The school has got numerous labs: Polish, Maths, Foreign Languages, History, Computer, Science, Geography, History and Biology. There are 8 classes in gimnazjum (grammar school). Mgr Anna Kuziorowicz is the head teacher.

The school offers:
  • a variety of after - school classes;
  • a highly qualified teaching staff;
  • English and German courses;
  • Integration camps for the first year students;
  • Cooperation of parents and teachers in bringing-up isssues;
  • Opportunity of realization of own ideas in teenage organizations;
  • Prevention classes as a module of counteraction against social patology;
  • Health and educator care;

Gimnazjum im. K. K. Baczyńskiego
7 Bankowa Street
Poczesna 42 - 262
tel./fax 0-34 3274873

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Vote for us! Search for Interkl@sa!

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